Energy harvesting EnOcean Alliance joins All Seen Alliance

The All Seen Alliance has scored an interesting new member with the EnOcean Alliance, a group of 300 companies dedicated to sustainable building controls and automation using wireless energy harvesting sensors and technology. The EnOcean Alliance joined AllSeen Alliance Thursday and will demonstrate how the two organization can use their two technologies together at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona next week.

The EnOcean Alliance is a group that promotes EnOcean technology specifically. EnOcean manufactures and markets energy harvesting wireless modules that are interesting for the internet of things because they do away with the need for batteries or wiring. Instead they use solar, temperature changes, kinetic energy or other techniques to power sensors and then the transmission of state around a network. The technology is used in devices sold around the world, which means that these devices might soon get All Joyn compatibility as well.

All Joyn is the protocol that the All Seen Alliance is pushing as a standard for device-to-device communications and discovery. When I asked if EnOcean, the company, or the EnOcean Alliance would consider the All Joyn rival standard Iotivity as well, I received the following response:

While they are not involved in Iotivity just yet, the Technical Working Group of the EnOcean Alliance (the member company manufacturers who use EnOcean’s technology in their products) is considering involvement in the future.

That’s not a no, and it points to how much uncertainty there still is over all of the nascent standards out there. After all, Iotivity was just launched last month, and we still don’t actually have a certification to work from — and won’t until the middle of this year.