Microsoft just made it easier to use OneDrive in mobile apps

Not to be outdone by competing services such as iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox and the like, Microsoft is pushing OneDrive for mobile app developers. The company on Tuesday introduced a new OneDrive API that supports software on Android, iOS, Windows and the web.


This means developers have a simple method to add OneDrive into their apps, allowing for application data to be stored to or synchronized with Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud service: “It only takes a few lines of code to set up a basic integration with our Android Picker/Saver SDK and our iOS DocumentPicker contract support,” the company said in its blog post. Users of such apps, then, will have another cloud storage option available to them in-app.

[company]Microsoft[/company] said it is using the OneDrive API in some of its own mobile apps, and developers will have access to the same code.

As new features are added to the API, Microsoft will share them so that everyone using the API is building on the same platform. Among the first highlighted features for people who make apps: Efficient management of the change of files or folders on OneDrive through an app; resumable file uploads up to 10GB in size; and custom file thumbnail images.