Looks like Apple bought the company behind software synth Alchemy

Apple doesn’t make a big splash when it acquires a company. Usually, there isn’t an announcement or even an acknowledgment except for CEO Tim Cook’s periodic updates (earlier this month, Cook said Apple acquired 17 companies in the previous calendar year.)

It appears that one of those 17 companies is Camel Audio, a British company that previously made software instruments — in particular, a product called Alchemy, which was a digital sampler and synthesizer suite that retailed for $249. MacRumors spotted that Camel’s address in a British corporate registry had been updated to 100 New Bridge Street — an address that Apple uses in London — and the company’s new director is an Apple attorney.

Last month, Camel abruptly shut its doors with a message that its plug-ins and sound libraries were no longer available for purchase and downloads of previously purchased instruments would cease by the summer. Software synthesizer fans complained on Reddit and forums that they had been anticipating Camel’s next major release, Alchemy 2.

No purchase price is available and Apple is unlikely to share how much it paid for Camel Audio. Apple could fold Alchemy’s sounds and technology into one of its two digital audio workstation products, Garage Band or Logic Pro X.