Watch this: iPhone notifications on Android Wear

Despite the fact that both Google’s and Apple’s smartwatches are designed only to work with their own respective mobile platforms, you can get notifications from an iPhone on an Android Wear watch. Well, maybe you can’t, but Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh can.

MohammadAG, as he’s known in developer circles, shared this brief video over the weekend, showing a notification from his [company]Apple[/company] iPhone appearing on his [company]Google[/company] Android Wear watch.


Android Authority notes that the solution here uses the Apple Notification Center Service (ANSC), which is what the Pebble smartwatch has used for the same purpose. Apple introduced ANSC with iOS 7 so that Bluetooth devices could receive notifications from iOS devices. To get ANSC working with an Android Wear watch, MohammadAG created a small Android app, which he may open source and make freely available.

For now, this is more concept than usable solution if you like Apple’s phones and watches that run Google’s software. And notifications are just one small part of what smartwatches can and should offer. Still, MohammadAG’s effort is an interesting proof of concept.

Perhaps Google will pick up where he left off and bring native iOS support to Android Wear? Given how well Google supports iOS with nearly all of its other apps and services, I wouldn’t be shocked if Google is working on it.