Google’s Inbox lands on tablets, works in Firefox and Safari too

That radical redesign of email that Google introduced in October can now be used in more places. You’ll still need an invite to use Inbox, but once you have it, you use it to smartly manage your Gmail and to-dos on tablets and in browsers other than Chrome.

Google announced the expansion of Inbox on Thursday via a brief post on its Gmail blog. Previously, Inbox was limited to phones. Now [company]Google[/company] Android tablets and the [company]Apple[/company] iPad support Inbox. You can also access Inbox in a computer browser, with Mozilla Firefox and Apple’s Safari joining Google’s own Chrome on the supported browser list.

google inbox tablets

Google says Inbox is a new take on email management and I’d agree. It’s more of a blend between Gmail and Google Now based on my own look at the app when it debuted. That’s not a bad thing: Google Now insights make for a smarter Inbox with contextual reminders and emails bundled together in groups such as Purchased, Finance, Social, Low Priority and Updates.

As much as I like the concept of Inbox and welcome the device and browser support expansion, I still don’t use it as my primary email management method. There’s too much wasted space and too little information provided for me when looking at Inbox; it has low “information density,” in my view. It’s also limited to personal Gmail accounts and still requires an invite — two things I hope Google addresses in the near future.

Regardless of those qualms, now that there’s a tablet edition, I’ll give Inbox a second chance. Maybe there’s a larger amount of info on the bigger screen of a tablet compared to a phone or the browser, although Google’s own images don’t suggest that’s the case.

For those wanting an invite, Google says you can request one with an email to [email protected].