Play on: The iPad gets an official Google Play Music app

Given that iOS has iTunes with its own Radio software, there might not be a ton of widespread interest in Google Play Music for iPad owners. I actually do use Google’s music service on a daily basis — mainly because it integrated Songza’s playlist function — so I’m thrilled to see yet another option on my iPad: Google officially released an iPad version of Play Music on Tuesday.

Up to this point, I was doing what others do: Just using the blown up [company]Apple[/company] iPhone interface on an iPad for [company]Google[/company] Play Music. The new app looks much better; fully optimized for the iPad’s larger screen and complete with Google’s Material Design language.

Google Play Music iPad

Google says its iPad app shows descriptive pages with artist and album info — I see information pulled in from Wikipedia on Eric Clapton’s page, for example — along with an immersive Now Playing page for every song.

I’m not sure why it took Google so long to expand its Play Music app from the iPhone version, but so far it looks good: Visually crisp and informative with larger controls made for iPad. And you can still have music curated based on your mood, environment or time of day.