Sprint launches a combined iPhone-iPad “For Life” deal

Sprint is getting creative with its “For Life” leasing programs, announcing Tuesday that it is creating a $100-a-month package that includes an iPhone 6, a 4G iPad Mini 3 and their service plans. That means unlimited talk, text and data on the iPhone and 2 GBs of monthly data on the iPad.

[company]Sprint[/company] launched its iPhone for Life program in September as an alternative to the two-year contracts and subsidized handset plan, which is gradually getting phased out in the U.S. mobile industry. Instead of owning their [company]Apple[/company] Phones outright, customers essentially lease them for two years, and the trade up their latest version of the iPhone at their end of their contract. It essentially functions like a smartphone upgrade program for customers who are willing to wait two years for a new smartphone.

The program proved popular, so Sprint extended For Life to Android smartphone and even tablets. This new bundle, however, not only puts your slate and phone lease on the same timeline, it also offers a further discount on Sprint’s regular For Life plans. Bought separately, a rented 16 GB iPhone 6 with unlimited plan would cost $70 a month, while a 16 GB iPad Mini 3 with a 2 GB data plan would run $47 a month. That’s a savings of $17 a month.