With 1M watches shipped, Pebble plans new hardware and software

Don’t look now, but Pebble is about to build upon the successes of its current smartwatch with a new product and completely different software. Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky shared the high-level plans with The Verge, adding that the company shipped its one millionth Pebble smartwatch on the final day of 2014.

That’s a big jump from the last reported sales figure from Pebble. Last I heard, back in March last year, there were 400,000 Pebbles adorning wrists. Granted, shipping a product doesn’t equal selling that product to an end-user, but a million shipments is more than I would have expected.

pebble interface crop

Lowering prices has surely boosted sales: Pebble cut prices back in September and you can buy one now for less than half the cost of most competing [company]Google[/company] Android Wear devices. And at $99, you can buy three basic Pebbles instead of one Apple Watch when Apple starts shipping in April, plus have a little money left over.

Migicovsky knows that the current Pebble hardware can only take the company so far, though. So expect new Pebble hardware later this year. And it won’t have the same interface or software: “It doesn’t look like what we have today, and it doesn’t look like what’s on your smartphone.” Apps will still be important, he said, but not the focus. Could it be something contextual like Google Now, I wonder, or will some of the folks who worked on webOS design but are now part of the Pebble team have some influence? We’ll find out later this year.