Spotify dances its way into RunKeeper for iOS

The latest version of RunKeeper for iOS brings more songs and playlists to your long run with Spotify integration. That means if you’re tired of working out to your own locally stored albums, you can stream the latest tunes from Spotify directly within the RunKeeper app. The company says it is exploring Android support in the future.

Obviously, you’ll need to be a Spotify subscriber to use the new integration. Music playback is also limited to streaming, not any offline tracks you’ve stored from Spotify. That’s due to how [company]Apple[/company] iOS handles app-to-app communications, RunKeeper says. You’ll want to keep that in mind since streaming tunes while on the run will use data on your mobile broadband plan.

RunKeeper spotify playlist

As part of the integration, using Spotify in RunKeeper will surface some running playlists to keep you moving, handy for those whose energy levels aren’t at all-time highs. RunKeeper says it’s looking into using music in strategic ways to help keep people motivated. Perhaps we’ll see something akin to one of the best features on my old MotoACTV smartwatch: That device kept track of the songs I ran the fastest to and had a one-touch button to play them if I ever needed a boost.