Yes, your Basis Peak health tracker now has phone notifications

Basis was a bit ahead of the curve when it released its first health tracking device with heart-rate monitor back in 2012. The competition has caught up now as smartwatches often have similar functionality; and then some. So Basis launched a newer device, the Basis Peak, this past September, promising expanding capabilities. Now it’s delivering on that promise with support for smartphone notifications.

basis peak notifications

The company announced support for notifications on its blog, saying that both [company]Apple[/company] iOS and [company]Google[/company] Android phones will work with the Basis Peak. You’ll need firmware version 1.8.15 your Peak have the Basis Peak app on your phone upgraded to at least 1.5.0.

Once you meet those requirements, you’ll start to see notifications pushed to your Peak over a Bluetooth LE connection to your handset. That means texts, incoming calls and other notifications, although Basis notes that notifications are handled differently between iOS and Android, so there will likely be functionality differences between the two. The company also points out a new data export feature for the Basis Peak so you can extract sensor data for your heart rate, calories burned, steps, perspiration and skin temperature.

Basis always offered a solid health tracking but that’s just one of many features consumers want on their wrist; adding notifications makes the $199 Peak more competitive in the growing market for smart, wearable devices.