Docker adds new leadership to open-source project

Docker is rejiggering the operational structure of the Docker open-source container project and is adding a couple of people to help oversee the project alongside with Docker, Inc. co-founder and CTO Solomon Hykes.

The new leadership roles are the chief architect, chief maintainer and chief operator, and they were created to help Docker accommodate its rapid growth. Docker claims that it now has roughly 740 project contributors and that the open-source project has generated 85,000 Docker-specific applications and more than 20,000 projects like management frameworks and monitoring tools.

Hykes will take on the role of chief architect, in which he’ll be responsible for outlining future endeavors of the Docker project like its recently-released orchestration services. Michael Crosby, who has been a Docker open-source contributor since 2013, will become chief maintainer and will be responsible for ensuring that community member code and contributions adhere to Docker’s standards.

Steve Francia, formerly chief developer advocate for MongoDB, was brought onboard as Docker’s chief operator, and his role will be to ensure that community members are actively communicating with each other, making sure that releases go out on time and welcoming new contributors into the Docker fold. In some open source communities, it might be intimidating for new users to participate out of fear of getting called out for perceived mistakes or the like.

“One thing we do is that we don’t say no,” said Francia. “We say here is what you need to do to be a yes.”

If certain bad apples appear in the Docker community and start causing trouble, Francia will take action but he stresses that his job is “about making people feel welcome, not reprimanding people.”

While Docker doesn’t have a formalized code of conduct akin to something that Chef or the Python Software Foundation have, Francia said Docker has “some guidelines” for monitoring bad behavior. The Docker project has only been around for 18 months and project members “will be working to communicating those guidelines better” as time goes on.

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