Apple reduces the amount of storage iOS updates require

Apple started pushing a iOS update to iPhones and iPads on Tuesday. It’s a small bump to version 8.1.3, so it won’t completely revamp your phone. Apple said the release “includes bug fixes, increased stability, and performance improvements.”


In a more specific note, Apple said that this update reduces the amount of storage required to perform a software update. You might remember that iOS uptake in the fall was slower than many expected — and the culprit seemed to be that the update was too big to fit into many people’s crowded iPhones with limited storage. Sure, users could update by plugging into a computer running iTunes without clearing space, but that doesn’t work for many mobile-first iPhone users.

It’s also worth noting that the iOS 8.0 update was a 1.1GB download — which required over 5GB to install — and this update is only 247MB. But it’s still a good sign that Apple is consciously trying to alleviate frustrations associated with upgrading its devices.

The update also fixes bugs affecting Apple ID, Spotlight, and iPad multitasking. The last major change is intriguing and vague: “Adds new configuration options for education standardized testing.”

I’ve reached out to [company]Apple[/company] for clarification on how the new upgrade process will use less storage and will update the post if it gets back to me. You can grab iOS 8.1.3. on your iOS device currently running iOS 8 by going to Settings > General > Software Update now.