Wall Street’s perspective on IoT and the plague of CES

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The internet of things isn’t ready to roil Wall Street this year. Or at least that’s the conclusion of former Deutsche Bank financial analyst Jonathan Goldberg, who is now a development executive for Paragon Semiconductor and still write analysts notes at Digits to Dollars. I asked him to come on the show this week for his opinion after International CES and because don’t often get a public equities analysts’ opinions on the show.

Goldberg, who is former semiconductor analyst, broke down the internet of things market into four categories and discussed the opportunities for companies in each. He concluded that this year Wall Street won’t be fooled by hype, so we’re not likely to see a lot of crazy stock movement driven by the buzzwords. For that and more listen to the interview after hearing Kevin Tofel and I discuss our final days at CES, Samsung’s keynote, the best UI for the smart home right now and a few other odds and ends. Enjoy the show.

Hosts: Stacey Higginbotham and Kevin Tofel
Guests: Jonathan Goldberg, a former equities analysts and current VP of development at Paragon Semiconductor

  • Kevin and I dove right in with Samsung’s CES keynote
  • The best UI for the smart home right now is Works with Nest and I’ll tell you why
  • What used to be M2M is not IoT and it’s moved from marketing to the product manager
  • How Wall Street divides up internet of things companies

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