Report: Apple’s new MacBook Air will have a single next-gen USB port

The Apple Watch isn’t the only new product expected out of Cupertino in 2015. Apple’s also been preparing a new 12-inch MacBook Air, and according to information obtained by 9to5Mac, the company may change a lot of what users know and love about the MacBook Air.

The new MacBook Air will have a 12-inch screen, but it will be narrower than the current 11-inch MacBook Air. The bezels around the MacBook Air screen have been shrunk, so the display panel — and keyboard — will take up a larger proportion of laptop’s usable area.

9to5mac 12 inch macbook air

The keyboard could be “noticeably” changed, cramming the keys together to take up less area. There are also a few key changes — the power button, for instance, has moved to the left-hand upper corner, to the left of the escape key. The travel on the trackpad has also reportedly been removed in the interest of keeping the laptop slim.

One piece of information to take with a grain of salt: Apparently, the new MacBook Air will only come with only two ports — a headphone jack, and a single USB Type-C port. It’s hard to imagine a MacBook without a Thunderbolt connection or MagSafe charger, but the new USB specification supports driving displays as well as device charging.

The port selection indicates it’s possible that [company]Apple[/company] will update its Cinema Display, which hasn’t been touched in years and will not work with a machine with a single USB Type-C port. (At least, not without a ton of adapters.) Perhaps Apple is working on a docking port for this machine.

You can expect the new MacBook Air to use one of Intel’s new dual-core Broadwell chips.

If you’re in the market for an Apple laptop and you don’t need it today, you should probably hold off until the “MacBook Stealth” launches, most likely later this year, perhaps in June at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference. There are a few slick custom renders approximating what it could look like when it’s launched over on 9to5Mac.