MongoDB snaps up WiredTiger as new storage engine option

NoSQL fan favorite MongoDB has purchased WiredTiger and its storage engine technology, and as part of the deal snags itself some database stars in Keith Bostic and Dr. Michael Cahill.

Bostic was co-founder of Sleepycat Software and creator and primary developer of Berkeley DB, an open-source embedded database. Oracle bought Sleepycat in 2006. Bostic worked with Cahill to architect Berkeley DB. Terms of this acquisition were not disclosed.

WiredTiger is a storage engine that will be offered as an option in the upcoming MongoDB 2.8 release, expected in January. It will be the first time that MongoDB has offered more than one storage engine option, said Kelly Stirman, director of product marketing for New York–based MongoDB.

Customers with write-intensive applications may want to opt for WiredTiger, while MongoDB’s existing MMAP engine is probably better suited for read applications, he noted.

In the past, some databases offered a range of storage options to fit the job at hand. MySQL, now also part of Oracle, is the best example.

MongoDB will not charge separately for the WiredTiger engine. “It’s now part of our open-source commitment,” Stirman said. “Everyone will have access and there will be an upgrade path without downtime.”