IBM launches first wave of Apple iOS apps: MobileFirst

This past summer, IBM and Apple announced a partnership to develop applications for the enterprise running on Apple’s iOS devices. The press release on that news included the brash manifesto to “redefine the way work will get done.”

Today, the pair launched the first wave of what they are calling IBM MobileFirst applications, which will be available in industry segments like travel and transportation, banking and financial markets, insurance, government, retail, and telecommunications.

An example of each:

  • Travel and transportation. Plan Flight helps flight crews make better decisions that impact fuel consumption.
  • Banking and financial markets. Trusted Advice allows financial advisors to manage client portfolios.
  •  supports agents with customer account management.
  • Government. supports government workers with case management.
  • Retail. Sales Assist is a customer assistance tool, integrated to inventory and ordering systems.
  • Telecommunications. Expert Tech integrates with Facetime as well as route optimization for field logistics.

Unlike other iOS apps, IBM MobileFirst apps are not available in the iTunes app store. Companies will have to work directly with IBM to have them installed on iOS devices.

We’ll have to see what the response is from the various industries being targeted, but as the company said, this is just the first wave of applications. I expect to see dozens more in 2015.