Roadmap 2014 live coverage

How do you know if a company has invested heavily in design? You don’t notice the design.

We’ve been talking about experience design at Gigaom for a long time, and this Tuesday and Wednesday in San Francisco at Roadmap 2014, we plan to continue that discussion. However, like a lot of the topics we identify early on, the discussion around design has changed: we’re now most interested in how experience design in technology products and services fades into the background, a concept our Roadmap co-chairs, Katie Fehrenbacher and Om Malik, consider “invisible design.”

We’ll dive into this topic in great detail over the next two days, with speakers like John Maeda of Kleiner Perkins, Yves Behar of fuseProject and Evan Williams of Medium. The full lineup of speakers is here, and we encourage you to follow along with our live coverage, which we’ll curate in this post.

A livesteam of the event can be found here, and you can follow the discussion on Twitter with the hashtag #gigaomlive. Please join us at 9am PT for a celebration of the best minds in experience design and a glimpse into the future of how technology experiences will be delivered to the masses.

Day Two coverage:

Day One coverage: