Structure Connect 2014 live coverage

First there were things. Then came the internet. Then came the notion that all (ok, maybe most) of the things would become connected to the internet, and the result is Structure Connect, our newest conference celebrating the possibilities and pitfalls that that will accompany the move to bring the internet into as many corners of our lives as it can fit.

We’ve been talking about this for years at Gigaom, but over the last 12 months or so we realized that it was actually starting to happen. Just look at Google’s purchase of Nest, Samsung’s purchase of SmartThings, and Apple’s planned HomeKit strategy — all of which has happened in 2014 — to understand how the giants of the tech world are getting ready to create software and services for objects that you wouldn’t have considered computing devices even a few years ago. So we decided to evolve our long-running Mobilize conference into a brand new conference designed to bring together the people and companies making this all happen: Structure Connect.

Starting at 9am PT today in San Francisco, Stacey Higginbotham, Janko Roettgers, and the rest of the Gigaom team have planned a great event. We’ll hear from Jawbone CEO Hosain Rahman, Chromecast leader Mario Quieroz of Google, and LogMeIn CEO Michael Simon on Tuesday, as well as CEO John MacFarlane of Sonos, CTO Chris Martin of Pandora, and CEO Alex Hawkinson of SmartThings on Wednesday. Also look for our How We Built It series of talks, highlighting ways that entrepreneurs have solved tricky hardware startup problems, and [email protected], where we showcase the startups that we think will define the future of the internet of things.

We’ll provide links to all of our coverage from both days on this page, and a link to the livestream is here. Please follow us on Twitter @gigaom and use the hashtag #gigaomlive to join in the discussion over what should be two very interesting days in San Francisco.

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Photo by Jakub Mosur