Apple releases, then pulls, an iOS update that accidentally cut off cell service

Apple has pushed its customary post-major release bug fix update to eligible iPhones, but there’s at least one major reason why you might not want to head into Settings and update: Some users are reporting that the update robs their phones of the ability to make calls, send texts, or use TouchID, and Apple has since pulled the iOS 8.0.1 update.

There are a wealth of improvements in iOS 8.0.1, including the promised fix that will allow apps to take advantage of HealthKit. When iOS 8 launched, several app developers using HealthKit said their apps were pulled from the App Store because of the bug and hopefully they’ll soon be returning after this update. Other improvements include fixing an issue with setting 3rd party keyboard as the default, and some tweaks and improvements to Reachability.

Don’t rush to download the update, though — some users are reporting that the update knocks out cell service, although it may just affect newer devices as my personal AT&T iPhone 5 is fine. The update has since been pulled and [company]Apple[/company] will likely fix this new bug shortly.

Apple has provided a statement to some the Wall Street Journal as well as other media outlets:

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This post has been updated at 2:11 PM EDT to reflect the fact that Apple has pulled the 8.0.1 update.

This post has been updated at 3:03 PM EDT to include Apple’s official statement.