It just got a lot easier to upload Google+ videos to YouTube

In the past, attempts to integrate Google’s two biggest social networks, Google+ and YouTube, have been met with resistance, but both camps should be pleased with a new feature that allows YouTube users the ability to import videos from Google+ with one click.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 11.47.43 AM

The option is currently available for me on the right-hand side of the YouTube upload page above the “Create Videos” option. After you click import, you will have the choice to upload any video from your Google+ account, including videos uploaded to the cloud through Google’s Auto Backup feature. Nedas Petravicius, who first uncovered the feature, notes that a tweak to a browser cookie value might get it to show up if you’re not seeing it yet.

Even if you don’t use Google+ for its social features, it is still a very attractive way to manage mobile device camera roll storage as [company]Google[/company] continues to streamline and simplify the process of offloading and sharing photos and videos from a smartphone.

The improved ease of uploading to YouTube should give new life to features like Auto Awesome, which can generate surprisingly sophisticated montages from a user’s Google+ photos and videos but was previously limited to Google+ sharing. After all, Google+ may have a dedicated but small social user base, but YouTube is the Google property where the world goes to consume and share web video.