Report: YouTube’s subscription service will be called Music Key, as will Google Play Music All Access

YouTube’s new subscription music service really will be called Music Key – and so will Google Play Music All Access, once a rebranding takes place. That’s according to an Android Police report late Monday.

The YouTube Music Key branding was hinted at last month, when Google picked up associated domain names around the world. The service will reportedly cost $9.99 a month with a free 30-day trial to start things off.

According to Android Police, that payment will provide access to both the YouTube and [company]Google[/company] Play Music Keys. YouTube users will get to watch videos while offline and, as with Google Play Music Key, they’ll be able to listen to ad-free, audio-only tracks online or offline. If you’re looking for more differentiators, the site also pointed out that YouTube offers a very different user-content model and discovery experience.

However, as Android Police noted, we still have no idea of when all this will launch.