The $400 million container company: Docker closes in on funding round of over $40 million

Docker, the container management startup that’s caught a whole lot of buzz in the enterprise tech industry, is finalizing a significant funding round worth between $40 million to $75 million, according to two sources familiar with the situation. The company is said to be valued at roughly $400 million, these sources said, but the deal is still a few weeks away from being completed.

With Docker’s momentum seemingly increasing each day as big companies like Google (s goog), Spotify and Red Hat (s rht) tout the use of containers as an effective way to streamline their infrastructure and improve performance, it makes sense for the startup to capitalize on its hype and grab some cash as it continues to expand. One source said the funding interest in the company came entirely from outside investors looking to get in on Docker’s buzz.

Docker has made it clear that it’s planning to develop tools around its open source container platform that can be packaged together and sold to potential customers as a way to generate revenue, and it recently purchased the two-man development shop Orchard Laboratories to help on that front. The company also shed its dotCloud business earlier this week as it distances itself from its PaaS roots and focuses squarely on containers.

This past January, Docker landed $15 million in a Series B investment round, bringing the company’s then total amount of funding to $26 million.

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