What does Facebook at Work mean?

I wonder what a Facebook at Work product would look like. Well, we might get the chance to find out because the word on the street is that Facebook is at work on Facebook at Work.

Apparently this is an outgrowth of an ad hoc query at Quora about the tools that Facebookers use internally, answered by Facebook’s Jackson Fabbard. He stated that Facebookers use Facebook internally, along with IRC-based chat, video conferencing, and various developer tools. He’s based in London, and so is the rumored project.

Now, the word is, the company is at work on taking Facebook’s capabilities — like Facebook Groups and Group Messaging — out to the market, so that others can communicate internally, and to remain connected with outside contacts, too.

Obviously this could be massively disruptive to last generation work tech players, and not just because Facebook has over a billion users now, but because they have made a serious transition to mobile, and breaking functionality into a suite of apps.

Imagine a suite of Facebook apps that work for personal and corporate purposes, integrated with an IRC-inspired chat solution, and capable of integration with other tools.

My prediction: Facebook will be buying Slack (Tiny Speck) in the next short while, or some other company with similar technology.