Couchbase, provider of NoSQL databases, releases new product suite for better mobile applications

NoSQL startup Couchbase debuted today its new Couchbase Mobile, a new line of products tailored for developers who need to make mobile applications work, even when not connected to the internet. According to the company, the new suite is the first and only native NoSQL database currently in existence.

The problem the Mountain View-based company is attempting to tackle deals with the way mobile applications work today, which are mostly stored in the cloud, said Wayne Carter, Couchbase’s chief architect for mobile.

If network connections in your city or location are spotty, it’s likely that accessing your favorite app will be a slow chore. In this instance, a mobile app that needs to display recalled data, like an app that displays movie times, will be unable to do so.

The Couchbase Mobile suite contains three different products designed to work with one another: Couchbase Lite, Couchbase Sync Gateway and Couchbase Server. The cloud-based Couchbase Server functions as the mothership of the products and is where most of a mobile application’s data is stored. Couchbase Lite is the mobile version of Couchbase Server, which stores information in a native embedded NoSQL database.

Couchbase Sync Gateway acts as the gateway between the new databases and can relay information between the two. As an example, Carter said the image-capturing company Picsolve International, which is responsible for setting up cameras on theme park rides in order to take pictures of riders, used the mobile suite in order to better manage and sync up the large amounts of images the cameras take on a given day.

The cameras, operated on Linux, were set up with the Couchbase Lite product, and because of that, they were able to take a load of pictures that could be stored and eventually uploaded onto the main database.

Couchbase claims Orbitz (S OWW), Beats Music and Nieman Marcus as clients.

The service will be sold on an annual subscription basis, similar to the company’s other line of products in which customers usually buy into multi-year contracts, said Rahim Yaseen, Couchbase’s senior vice president of product development.