Structure Data 2014 live coverage

“To data: the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.” — Peter Guerra, Booz Allen Hamilton, in a prep call for Structure Data

It’s going to be a great week in New York, kicking off this morning with the opening of Structure Data 2014. A live stream is available here (we’ll start at 9am ET) and below will be a list of all our coverage from the event.

Guerra’s tongue-in-cheek paraphrase of the classic line from The Simpsons during a conversation we had a few weeks ago summed up a lot of what we’ll be talking about over the next two days at Chelsea Piers.

Data-analysis tools are maturing, and the emphasis on data-driven decision making has probably never been higher, especially for companies whose primary business is not technology. That’s fantastic on so many levels, from the increased productivity such an approach enables to the potential discoveries waiting to be unlocked in fields like medicine.

But only if data is gathered smartly. And respectfully. And from the correct sources. As we come to terms with the depth and breadth of data that is available, we start to think about data Darwinism and security.

We’ll have plenty of time to explore these issues at Structure Data. We’ll get things rolling with Hortonworks CEO Rob Bearden, hear from New Relic CEO Lew Cirne, and ask Cloudera CEO Tom Reilly what he plans to do with the $160 million just raised by the company yesterday.

Please join us if you’re in New York (there may still be a few tickets available here, but it’s close) and follow the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #gigaomlive.

Day Two:

Day One:

Photo by Jakub Mosur