Cooking with the internet of things and the coming wave of dumb “smart” devices

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Do you want to eat better or perhaps quantify your nutritional input in addition to your footsteps and sleep? If so, Santiago Merea, the CEO of The Orange Chef company hopes to help. He’s rethinking how the kitchen works by adding connected devices in places where it makes sense. The first place he’s thinking makes sense is a kitchen scale that measures your food and calculates the nutritional values of what you place on it.

We discuss the connected kitchen in this week’s podcast, but before we get started Kevin Tofel and I discuss his new Insteon gear and my debate over kitchen lighting — which bulbs or switches should I use? We also discuss Philips’ plans for a smarter cooking experience and a connected coffee maker. Maybe you should listen to this during lunch — or at least when you’re not hungry.

Host: Stacey Higginbotham
Guests: Kevin Tofel and Santiago Merea, CEO of The Orange Chef Co.

  • Kevin has a new toy with more Insteon gear
  • Should I connect my kitchen lights for $360 or my wall switch for $60?
  • Adding smarts to consumer products requires more than connectivity
  • Connecting the kitchen and starting with a scale
  • How do you find a retail distribution partner like Williams Sonoma?

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