Another take on wireless power and the cool IoT stuff at SXSW

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I have too many products to charge each night and it’s only going to get worse. This is why in this week’s podcast I spoke with Omri Lachman, the CEO of Humavox, an Israeli company trying to bring wireless power to the consumer market. Humavox makes a technology that will enable manufacturers to create boxes or other enclosures that will charge devices. The first market will be hearing aids, but it could work for so much more.

IT’s also SXSW time and so I discuss some of the news out of the show, such as Google’s plans for an android OS for wearable devices and the cool gadgets I saw at the show. We also had our news editor Laura Hazard Owen on as my co-host to give poor Kevin a break. Since Laura has a new baby, we discussed her thoughts about the connected infant and what apps she’s using to track her baby. Listen up, and enjoy.

Host: Stacey Higginbotham
Guests: Laura Hazard Owen and Humavox CEO Omri Lachman

  • What’s happening with the internet of things at SXSW
  • Why Laura isn’t putting a connected tracker on her kid
  • A type of wireless power that’s different from the current options
  • How does Humavox work and where is wireless power going?

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