Overclock your car and hack the Google Glass prescription limitations

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This week on the Internet of Things podcast we focus on Kevin’s face and a variety of connected cars. First up, Kevin Tofel and I discuss his method for getting prescription glasses for his Google Glass, which seems somewhat complicated (and expensive!) but is working for him. We also discussed cars. This week’s guest is Vitaliy Maksimov, the co-founder of OBD Solutions, a maker of a Wi-Fi module that connects your smartphone (and developers) to your car’s diagnostic system.

A big chunk of the show was devoted to different apps for your car (apps to save fuel or mimic a Maserati engine sound) your home (apps to open your garage door if you flick your high beams) and businesses (apps that track your driving or traffic). We also once again marveled at the amazing number of developer opportunities the connected world offers by discussing different niche software apps possible for cars. Enjoy!

Host: Stacey Higginbotham
Guests: Kevin Tofel and OBD Solution’s Vitaliy Maksimov.

  • How Kevin got his prescription-strength Glass
  • Who drives a car painted with scorpions? The answer won’t surprise you.
  • Connected cars become like any other platform — a home for specialty software
  • The OBD port is an on ramp for the car to join the internet of things

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