Looks like Chromecast screen mirroring is coming to Android

One way or another, Android (S GOOG)  users may soon be able to mirror their mobile device’s screen to their Chromecast streaming adapter. Koushik “Koush” Dutta, developer of the media casting app Allcast, posted a video this weekend that shows him mirroring his device’s home screen, as well as apps like Flappy Bird, with a notably small delay.


Dutta said on Twitter that this is “a work in progress,” and not part of his Allcast app. In another tweet, he said that he used a modified form of the real-time communication protocol WebRTC to accomplish the mirroring. It’s worth noting that for his day job, Dutta works for Cyanogenmod, the maker of the alternative Android distribution by the same name. In theory, this could mean that mirroring will only be available to Cyanogenmod users.

However, a number of users of the stock Android version reported last week that briefly, a menu item appeared on their device that suggested they too could screencast. The item didn’t actually lead to results, and seems since to have disappeared from some of the devices — but it could be an indicator that this is actually something that Google is looking to deploy at some point itself.