VMware claims strong numbers in 2013

VMware recently claimed a very strong finish in Q4, ending the company’s 2013 fiscal year with total revenue at $5.2 billion, up 17 percent (excluding Pivotal and divestitures) year over year.

With a strong performance in Q4, and in 2013 as a whole, VMware stated on the company’s earnings call that it has rapid growth and is moving into 2014 with the momentum it had in 2013.  Part of the company’s acceleration can be attributed to VMware NSX, the company’s network virtualization platform.  VMware believes that network virtualization with VMware NSX will be a key enabler for the software-defined data center.

The reality of VMware is that it owns much of what’s in modern data centers now, and it certainly has a huge install base of virtualization products.  However, for the most part, these are not clouds and will never be clouds.  But, that’s okay.

The focus of VMware should be around internal systems, and support for the emerging use of public clouds such as AWS and others.  There is much revenue to be found there.  With a bit of focus, it’s theirs for the taking.