Does your coffee machine need its own domain name?

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The Consumer Electronics Show was a few weeks back, but Kevin and I just got around to talking about some of the connected home stuff he saw at the show after Google’s $3.2 billion Nest buy pre-empted last week’s show. So take a ride in the wayback machine (the weekback machine?) and listen to us discuss gestures, integration and other futures we envision for the smart home plus my experience using the SmartThings and Sonos integration so my house can talk to me.

And this week’s guest is Patrick Parodi, who is the CEO and co-founder of The Wireless Registry, a company trying to build the equivalent of a domain name server for the itnernet of things. I covered the startup last week, but I still had tons of questions about how this might work and why I’d want to sign up. So if you’re psyched to learn aobut how we might share our identity on the internet of things, listen up.

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Host: Stacey Higginbotham
Guests: Kevin Tofel and Patrick Parodi, CEO of The Wireless Registry.

  • Kevin’s back from CES and shares the things he’s most excited about
  • I discovered what my smart home’s voice actually sounds like with the Sonos integration with SmartThings
  • Here’s one way we might share our identity in a connected world
  • Debating the business model behind The Wireless Registery and how it comapres with other tehcnology
  • How registering an SSID might help you, firefighters and even preserve your privacy


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