7 stories to read this weekend

Happy new year! It is time to get your year started with some good, quality writing from around the web. Here are my picks for the weekend — I hope you enjoy them.

  • The end and Don King: The legendary boxing promoter with wild hair is entering the twilight years of his life and career. It is a reminder that in the end only time wins.
  • Degenerate Inc: The paranoid and obsessive life of a mid-level bookie. Doug Brown of Cleveland Scene wrote this pretty amazing piece.
  • I was a warehouse wage slave: Mac McClelland of Mother Jones goes undercover and finds how it all works. It makes you pause before you click and order on Amazon Prime.
  • The Intelligent Plant: Michael Pollan asks the no-no question — can plants think? And then he enters down a rabbit hole of magical writing, scientific discovery and perhaps the most thought-provoking piece I have read in a long time. Curl up and read this — it is worth the price of the entire issue of the New Yorker.
  • Why TED is a recipe for civilizational disaster: Benjamin Bratton made this proclamation this at a TEDx event in San Diego. He asked the question a lot of us have secretly wondered: why so little of the future promised in TED talks actually happens?
  • Does journalism have a future? Nicolas Lemann reviews George Brock’s Out of Print and takes a look at the state of journalism, specially in the U.S.
  • Managing a mind: Christopher Murphy shares his story: why one day in May he tried to kill himself and what led to that decision and his life ever since. This is a short piece story that deals with depression and perils of living in a connected, always-on, always-winning society.