Can free mobile access to Facebook actually boost data revenues?

All Things D reports today that T-Mobile’s prepaid subsidiary will offer unlimited free access to Facebook and Facebook Messenger regardless of whether users pay for a data plan. Facebook has struck similar deals for free access with some carriers overseas, but the move could be a key selling point for GoSmart, the T-Mobile subsidiary that offers an unlimited talk plan for $25 per month and talk, text and low-speed web access for $35 per month.

This move could be a great way for GoSmart to squeeze more money out of users who may not otherwise pay for data. Embedded video and other content can be consumed free as long as that stuff is hosted on Facebook, but clicking a link that redirects to another site requires a data plan. Giving users a glimpse of what they might be able to experience with mobile data access aside from Facebook is likely to entice some of those users to pony up.