From Snowden to Sonos, and Chromecast to connected dogs, the tech year in review

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So, that happened. And by that we mean all kinds of crazy stuff went down in the tech world in 2013. Snooping and privacy were the biggest stories of the year by far, but there was plenty of other stuff for us to jabber about. Like the internet of things verging on the mainstream, Google’s (s GOOG) un-set-top box, and and Microsoft’s (s MSFT) ur-box, Xbox One. It was a show so big we had to pull in a heavy hitting team of experts to talk about it all.

Sit back. Relax, and enjoy our fun discussion about the year that was.

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Hosts: Chris Albrecht, Tom Krazit
Guests: Stacey Higginbotham, Kevin Tofel, Janko Roettgers

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