Oracle now a part of OpenStack…better late than never

Oracle is now a corporate sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation.  Most would call it a bit late for Oracle to jump in front of that parade.  They are also making plans to weave parts of the open-source infrastructure platform into its own products.  Of course, the mantra is openness and flexibility.

The products in question include the Solaris OS, Oracle’s Linux distribution, Oracle VM, Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance, Oracle’s IaaS (infrastructure as a service) offering, and ZS3 Series, Axiom and StorageTek systems, according to the announcement this week.

Oracle joins IBM, HP, VMware and other mondo-cloud providers in supporting OpenStack.  As with those big players, Oracle will likely make hay out of support for OpenStack.  The question that many Oracle cloud buyers have to ask is if Oracle is really down with the OpenStack way of doing things, or, are they just doing what everyone else is doing who’s not Microsoft or AWS?

While the support for OpenStack remains to be seen from Oracle, I suspect that they will make an effort to incorporate that standard, considering how far behind they are in the marketplace.  Success with that standard is another story.