Amazon Workspaces now on iPad

Just weeks after the announcement of Amazon Workspaces, the company has launched an iPad app that connects to the service:

Amazon WorkSpaces App is used to connect to an Amazon workspace – a cloud desktop that you can use for your day-to-day business tasks such as editing documents, accessing web applications, and sending/receiving company email. You need an existing WorkSpaces account to use this app.

Here’s a screen from the iTunes page:


As I said at the time of the Workspaces announcement (see Amazon announces WorkSpaces, and shifts Kindle into business tool), this is a real threat to Microsoft, and it undermines Microsoft’s strategy of providing Office apps only on Windows tablets at present. Amazon may be hoping to convert Kindle into a business platform, too, but the iPad is hot right now, given the new iPad and mini.

This is a brilliant move for Amazon especially in consideration of analysts recent comments, like Wedge Partners’ Brian Blair, who wrote in a note to clients last week that Android is less attractive to corporate IT than iPad:

While a more popular platform than iOS globally, [Android] is seeing very low adoption rates in the enterprise overall, particularly with tablets, we believe that most IT managers are avoiding the platform for large-scale rollouts and support due in large part to malware concerns.


Our recent work points to tremendous momentum for iPad in the enterprise over the last few months and we believe that this may be one of the most important trends for Apple as we move into the New Year.