The 2013 Gigaom Connected Life Gift Guide

If we can add connectivity to a toilet, a desk or an egg tray we can add it to anything. Even socks! But when it comes to buying connected devices, most people think consumers are going to start with a single product, one that they buy because they want the cool new feature or convenience the connectivity buys them.

For example, the Nest thermostat is connected, but the internet is a very small part of its attractiveness. Instead people are after the status that the well-designed device confers as well as the promise of saving money on their AC and heating bill. The internet enables one of those features, but isn’t the selling point.

So as we pulled together our connected gift guide, we tried to take that idea into consideration. What are the devices that might make life a little easier — be it as part of your home, your office or used in daily life? We’ve tried out most of these devices, although for some we had to be content with a demo.

We also avoided the home hub-based platforms such as SmartThings, Lowe’s’ Iris system and Revolv because we’ll do a head-to-head feature comparison of those next week. Since we’re focused on a device that is connected to the internet, but not necessarily connected to anything else, we’re focusing mostly on products that use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to get online.

One final note for y’all: Most connected goods are still a lot more expensive than their “dumb” counterparts, which means these are gifts for someone you really like. Or maybe just gifts for you.

So get your credit cards ready and don’t sweat the protocols as we showcase our 2013 connected life gift guide.
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