BlackBerry announces social network within BBM

In a week of other announcements (see Blackberry’s Chen is pushing hard to turn the company around), BlackBerry has released the first go at its own social network, implemented within BBM, called BBM Channels.

BBM Channels is based on the concept of ‘channels’ — like those of chat services like IRC or Twitter ‘s hashtag-based chats — and allows users to create their own channels for others to follow, or they can choose to follow the channels of other users, celebrities of brands.

Screenshot 2013-11-27 06.58.53

The company says that it will be making the service available on iOS and Android in the coming months. Here’s an example of a small sweet shop’s channel:

Screenshot 2013-11-27 10.04.51

I’ve always thought that BlackBerry could take advantage of its sizable inroads in the business world to create a hybrid private/public social network. As soon as I can see this on my iPhone, I will have more to say.