Podcast: In a connected world, what is the future of play?

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My seven-year-old daughter has LEGOs, Barbies, an assortment of stuffed animals and a Kindle Fire that she plays with on a regular basis. But when our children ask us for tablets instead of toys, what does that mean for the future of play? In this week’s podcast we explore this idea with Michael Rosenblatt the CEO of The Seamless Toy Company (the Rosenblatt interview starts about 19 minutes in).

We’ll talk about Atoms, the connected building toy Seamless has just started shipping and why letting kids combine the digital and physical worlds could be the future of play without changing the nature of play. The show also sees the return of my colleague Kevin Tofel as we discuss the Revolv home hub and the pros and cons of connecting light bulbs, light switches and outlets.

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Host: Stacey Higginbotham
Guest: Kevin Tofel and Michael Rosenblatt of The Seamless Toy Company

  • Kevin and I discuss the Revolv home automation hub
  • Troubleshooting a connected lamp. What should you connect?
  • What on earth is a connected building set?
  • How does connectivity and the maker culture change what play means?


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