New traffic data shows: Netflix and YouTube rule online video, Hulu and Amazon barely register

Amazon(S AMZN) who? Netflix (S NFLX) and YouTube (S GOOG) continue to be the most-used video services in North America by a wide margin, according to Sandvine’s newest Global Internet Phenomena Report. The report shows that video streams from the two services together made up more than half of all peak residential North American downstream traffic in the month of September, while Hulu and Amazon together just account for three percent of all peak downstream traffic during the same time period.

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Leading the charge was Netflix with 31.62 percent of all peak downstream traffic, while YouTube was responsible for 18.69 percent of all peak downstream traffic. Amazon video, which consists of both VOD and Prime subscription streams, was responsible for just 1.61 percent of all peak downstream traffic, and Hulu came in at just 1.29 percent.

YouTube saw its traffic grow by 9 percent when compared to Sandvine’s previous report, something that the traffic management company attributes to the growth in device and in-home, Wi-Fi-based mobile viewing. YouTube also continues to be the king of out-of-home mobile viewing. The service was responsible for 17.69 percent of all mobile downstream traffic in the U.S.

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An interesting detail of this edition of Sandvine’s report is that it for the first time registered Netflix as a small but notable source of traffic in Europe.

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The service is now responsible for 3.45 percent of all peak downstream traffic in Europe, despite the fact that Netflix still isn’t available in some of Europe’s largest markets, including Germany and France. Netflix launched in the U.K. and Ireland in January of 2012, then expanded to the Nordics in late 2012 and just opened up shop in the Netherlands in September.

Netflix also shows up in traffic data for Latin America, but is only responsible for 2.17 percent of all peak downstream traffic across that continent, despite being present in close to every country since 2011.

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And the company seems to see very little usage growth in the region: Six months ago, it was already responsible for 1.92 percent of all peak downstream traffic in Latin America.