Google smartwatch: CES launch or before?

Hold tight everyone: The rumors about a Google smartwatch are getting more frequent and coming with more specificity.

Today’s news is that the company is looking to ramp up production of its smartwatch in anticipation of a launch in the next few months probably is an indication of a launch post-Christmas season.

That doesn’t mean the company won’t reveal something this year, but it also means that they could make a big show of their new wearable at CES. Given that Google can command attention on its own with out the benefit of a CES reveal, I think they’ll definitely use the stage of CES to amplify the excitement, but chances are the company won’t unveil their watch there.

Which likely means a reveal before Christmas. And more specifically, within the next month and a half.

All good news for smartwatch, um, watchers, as there will be plenty to talk about.

This also begs the question – what will both Apple and Microsoft (including Nokia) do around smartwatches?  I don’t think we’re going to see any reveals this year, but I do think Q1 will likely bring about a new product announcement from one if not both.