As Twitter preps to go public, a look back at the performance of recent web IPOs (chart)

The most anticipated social media IPO since Facebook, Twitter will be priced at $17-$20 a share when it launches on the NYSE under the symbol TWTR in November. However, a stock’s initial share price doesn’t necessarily reflect how that stock will perform over time. Take a look, for example, at some recent social-mediaish IPOs compared to how their stock is doing now.

LinkedIn (s LNKD) set its initial public offering at $45 a share and is now worth $243.20, while Facebook (s FB), which IPOd at $38, originally dipped but then rose steadily to its current $52 a share. Groupon (s GRPN), which started near where Twitter is expected at $20, now is only worth $9.6.

As for how Twitter does, we’ll have to wait and see.