Wunderlist Pro adds sharing features but falls short

I finally dug myself out from under a number of assignments, and starting to work my way down a long list of products to review (apologies Qortex, Avoka, 15Five, and others). But, using the shortest-time-to-review algorithm, I picked the recent update to Wunderlist, the task management solution, because I had a suspicion that there would not be too much to see or write about. And I was right.

Basically, Wunderlist now includes social features for those that step up to $4.99 Pro status. Also, Pro entitles you to unlimited subtasks in any task, now. However, Wunderlist’s subtasks lack all the metadata of tasks — assignment, due dates, comments, notes, etc. — so they aren’t full-fledged subtasks, merely a checklist.

Pros can share lists — Wunderlist’s notion of a shared context — with others, either Pros or free account holders.

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 15.05.39

They have added comments, allowing users to comment on tasks. In the past there was a single note, but that was very limiting. Here you see the comments in the lower right corner.

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 15.28.53

Tasks can be assigned to other users who share the parent list, but there is no “tooing” of tasks (see ‘Tooing’ beats teaming because all work is personal), by which I mean sharing a single task with another person independently of list membership.

Now that there are comments, Wunderlist is supporting a “Conversation” view, which displays tasks that have been commented on. But you can’t converse in the Conversation: you have to click on the task and open it before you can a/ read the comments and b/ reply.

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 15.08.59

The Activity Center (basically an alert list) shows the actual comments, so it’s more useful, but ultimately they are both frustrating, because you can’t reply to comments in either the Conversation or the Activity View: you have to click on the activity or the task list item to get back to the task in order to respond.

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 15.32.28

The Bottom Line

Wunderlist has taken a step into team task management, but they have built in a lot of extra clicking. I’d suggest a rethinking of the Conversation where the comment threads of the tasks would be displayed when you click on the comment icon, and you could reply there if you wanted. I also would like to see implementation of sharing without list membership, a lighter-weight arrangement.

Those that are looking for full-fledged team task management would be better served with Asana, which is still my pick as the leading team task management tool.