See Me, Feel Me: The internet of things comes to the concert arena

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The intersection of technology and the arts may not get people as excited as a self-driving car or a connected home, but the results can be equally impressive. In this week’s podcast I talk to Robert Tuttle, an executive technology director at frog about combing the internet of things with musical performances.

Tuttle does design work for frog, but he’s also a professional orchestral musicians so he’s hacked together a rig that allows him to wire himself up for his performances and share how he breathes, how his fingers move and plenty of other data points. We discuss the challenges of the physical hardware, moving the data round, and finally, how to make that information additive to the concert experience.

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Show notes:
Host: Stacey Higginbotham
Guest: Robert Tuttle, executive technology director at frog

Today’s episode is sponsored by Mobile Day.

  • The concert of the future may include the artists heartbeat as part of the performance.
  • How do you build a cheap sensor-packed rig for performers?
  • The biggest challenge in connected concerts? Real-time time. In actual real time.
  • Connecting muscians could change how we think about music. And artistry.


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