Podcast: Hard boiled – Quirky and GE will connect your eggs and crack open the IoT space

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Do you have an idea for the connected device and service that will make your life (and others’ lives) better? Maybe you have this dream of a refrigerated crock pot that you can use to keep your dish at a safe temperature before cooking it for the recommended five hours instead of the entire 10 hours you’ll actually be gone? Maybe you have a better dream.

If you do, then check out this week’s podcast with Quirky’s Bret Kovacs. Kovacs is in charge of the relationship announced in April between Quirky and GE to help build connected gadgets for the home. The idea is the Quirky community gets access to GE’s patents while the two also develop a program to find, build and market connected devices under Quirky’s Wink app and ecosystem. the first invention is a connected egg tray that tells you how many eggs you have and how long you’ve had them, but other inventions might include a camera inside your fridge that can track your other grocery stats. It’s like paparazzi for your pizza!

Kovacs lays out how and why Quirky is different from crowd funding sites like Kickstarter because normal folk like myself can pitch ideas and might see them come to fruition. It’s not about funding so much as it is about product development. So I poured out my dreams of building this refrigerated crock pot to him and Kovacs didn’t call me crazy.

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Show notes:
Host: Stacey Higginbotham
Guest: Bret Kovacs, head of Experiential and Partnerships at Quirky

  • What the heck is Quirky and why is it building a connected egg tray?
  • How GE plans to lend its brand to the connected home
  • The eternal question: What makes a good connected device experience in the home.
  • What kind of crazy Quirky connected gadgets will we see for the holidays?


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