Quick tip: How to watch Google Play video purchases on iOS

While the iTunes Store(s aapl) is likely the first choice for video content on iPads, iPhones and iPod touch devices, there are plenty of other content providers to choose from. Think Netflix(s nflx), Amazon Instant Video(s amzn) and Google Play(s goog). Yes, you read that right: Google Play.

If you don’t mind streaming your video instead of watching it offline, it’s actually simple to watch Google Play video purchases on your iOS device. A post on Wednesday from Richard Devine at reminded me that Google Play is heavily tied to the YouTube video player, and that’s a handy connection you can use.

You’ll need the official YouTube app on your iOS device of course, and once installed, just sign in with your Google account. At that point, you’ll be able to see all of your YouTube subscriptions, playlists, favorites and other personal settings. One of those is the “Purchased” option; here you’ll see any Google Play video content purchased from Google. Choose a title and the video will start streaming.

Streaming can be a downside in this day of mobile broadband caps, of course, but this could be handy when on a home wireless network. And from time to time, Google runs sales or discounts on movie titles that are priced lower than from Apple. So if you’re more of a buyer of movies than a renter, this tip could save you a few bucks every now and again.