Podcast: Should nuclear power plants talk to Amazon?

Corporate connected devices are very different from consumer connected devices. This is the obvious, but worth delving into, conclusion of my chat with Bernie Anger, the general manager of communications and control systems for GE. From connected nuclear power plants and jet engines to figuring out how to move and when to move data off of wind turbines, GEO understands the importance of industrial data.

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And now that its adding connectivity, Anger is able to share how GE thinks about moving, analyzing and storing data as well as what corporations can gain from these digital bits and bobs that tell how well their machines work or how productive their processes and people are. Anger also discusses security and risk when it comes to connecting devices.

He’s a fervent believer that open standards and open source are the way to go when it comes to alleviating risks, but he’s also savvy enough to recognize that you’re not going to put your nuclear power plant data on Amazon Web Services. Listen up, this one is good.

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Show notes:
Host: Stacey Higginbotham
Guest: Bernie Anger, GM control and communications systems at GE

  • Why GE keeps calling the internet of things the industrial internet
  • What are the steps to get the data from a jet engine to the cloud
  • Why open standards and open source are the key to securing the internet of things
  • Don’t put your nuclear power plant on Amazon and other thoughts on risks and security for the industrial internet


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