Philips to debut two new Hue connected lighting products this week

Connected light bulb maker Philips is set to offer more choices of lighting options for its Hue line of products. In addition to an LED bulb, the company is going to offer the LivingColors Bloom — a lighting fixture that can be moved around easily — and LightStrips, a strip of smaller lights that can be cut to size.

LivingColors, LightStrips and hue kits and product

The Bloom will cost $80, the LightStrips $90. Engadget reports that the new lights will join the original Hue bulb on Apple Store(s AAPL) shelves starting this Thursday.

Using the ZigBee low-power wireless protocol, Hue lights communicate with an iPhone or Android device via a bridge also made by Philips. Users can turn lights on or off, or change the color or frequency from the accompanying app. Earlier this year, Philips opened up an iOS software development kit for users who want to hack their Hue lights and help them interact with other apps and connected devices around the home.