Marissa Mayer appoints former Google Zagat head to lead Flickr

Marissa Mayer announced on Tuesday evening that Bernardo Hernández would be joining Yahoo as the new head of Flickr. Hernández formerly worked at Google with Mayer, where he was the managing director of Zagat, and oversaw the integration of the service into various Google products.

Both Mayer and Hernández tweeted about his new role:

He noted that he will begin leading Flickr on Wednesday:

Right after Yahoo announced its acquisition of Tumblr, it also announced that it would be revamping Flickr, turning its attention to a product that had long languished under the company before Mayer’s tenure. Users were given a free terabyte of storage, a refreshed design, and improved apps for both iOS and Android. Hernández’s new tenure will come as Yahoo turns its attention back to Flickr as one of its core products.