Dropbox hires Ross Piper from Salesforce to speed enterprise adoption

Ross Piper, former SVP of enterprise strategy and alliances at Salesforce, has joined Dropbox in a new position — VP of enterprise strategy — to move the company aggressively into the enterprise space.

Note that Dropbox has had a lot of success in the past year or so, since it provided management tools for IT departments to manage the cloud-based file sync-and-share capabilities it offers, but faces strong competition from established players like EMC and Box.

All this according to CIO Journal’s Michael Hickins, who comments on new tools released earlier this month at the Dropbox developer conference and Piper’s hiring:

Earlier this month, at its developer conference, the company introduced new administrative controls and tools allowing developers outside the company to create new services and connections between business applications and Dropbox’s file system. Ease of use and software security are often at odds, but Mr. Piper says the company is committed to adding yet more administrative and security tools, while continuing to make the application as appealing to end users.

Mr. Piper, whose new title is VP of enterprise strategy, says it is his responsibility to lead the company in its new mission “to embrace IT and make [Dropbox] as loved by IT as by individuals and developers.”

Dropbox reports 175 million individual users and 2 million business accounts, and the number of paid accounts is not reported.

Piper has had a lot of success in convincing IT people to bet on cloud-based solutions at Salesforce, so I’b bet he’ll have similar success at Dropbox. He’s already announced the formation of a panel of CIOs to help guide his strategy there, which is a wise move.